About Us

g_mission_1A Company With A Mission

At FaithWorks Financial we are dedicated to helping members relieve their debt and enjoy a closer relationship with God.

Our team understands that debt is a significant creator of stress as well as a stealer of the time, money and energy that you could be devoting to your family, your church and your community.

As a result, we work closely with you to help you eliminate your debt and get back on solid financial footing… quickly and conveniently.

The FaithWorks Approach

Personal finance is, well, personal. For this reason, we take a more personal approach to the process.

At first contact with our company, you will be connected with a personal, dedicated Christian Debt Advisor that will be your primary point of contact throughout your entire relationship with us. Whether it be one phone call to discuss your situation, or a 3 year debt relief program, you will be able to learn from and grow with that dedicated Advisor.

No sales teams, no customer service lines, a friendly human for you to get to know and trust.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of your financial situation, your Christian Debt Advisor will help you determine the most appropriate solution possible for your situation. When our program proves to be an appropriate fit, your dedicated advisor will create a customized debt settlement program that allows you to get out of debt as fast as possible while ensuring that you have an affordable monthly payment.

Once the program is created for your particular circumstances, your Advisor will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount of unsecured debt that you owe – enabling you to get out of debt, and on with your life.

FaithWorks Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when you work with FaithWorks Financial:

  • Immediate financial relief and flexibility by lowering your monthly payment
  • Reduce your overall debt
  • Become debt free in as little as 24-48 months
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • No credit checks
  • No hidden fees
  • Secure and Confidential
  • Get started for free! (FaithWorks charges absolutely no fees until your debt is reduced)


The FaithWorks Commitment

You can rest assured that at FaithWorks Financial, we understand the negative impact debt can have on your life and on your relationship with God.

We will do everything we can to help you find the best solution to your situation, whether it lie with our company and our services or not. Our goal will be to help you reduce your debts, cut your monthly payments and avoid bankruptcy.

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