Debt Settlement

g_contact_1Debt Settlement – A Smart Choice

When people begin seriously researching their debt relief options many often determine that debt settlement is their best choice.


Because unlike debt consolidation and credit counseling where you pay back 100% of your debt (often with additional interest added on), debt settlement allows you to reduce the amount you owe. This means you can often get out of debt faster… as fast as 24 months for some people.

In addition, unlike debt relief options that focus on extending your repayment period (which can actually increase your monthly payment) debt settlement focuses on giving you a lower monthly payment now and getting you out of debt as quickly and comfortably as possible.

What else makes debt settlement the right choice for so many?

    • No credit checks
    • No waiting period to get started
    • No need to file bankruptcy
    • No upfront fees
    • In fact, there are no fees until your debt is reduced!


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