Thinking of filing bankruptcy?

Eliminating your debt through bankruptcy can sound appealing… until you consider the negative consequences that come along with this debt solution.

One only has to turn to Psalm 37:21 – “The wicked borrow and do not repay…” to get the church’s feeling on bankruptcy. We believe that our Christian Debt Settlement program is a much better solution. It allows you to eliminate your debt and regain control of your finances without violating your Christian principles.

Here are just some of the things you can expect if you declare bankruptcy:

  • Your credit report will be marked for at least seven years
  • Bankruptcy will stay on your court record and credit report for up to 20 years and could easily be uncovered when you apply for a job, a loan or rent an apartment
  • It will be much more challenging to obtain loans or other forms of credit
  • The higher interest rates you pay as a result of filing bankruptcy may offset any gains you received by eliminating your debt
  • You will likely have unexpected attorney expenses because of new laws that are in place
  • A credit counseling course may be required within six months of filing bankruptcy… even if you’ve already taken one


In addition to the above, many Christians choose to avoid bankruptcy because it goes against their moral standards.

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